2015 AUES Pub Crawl: The Hungover Games

12 official AUES districts, One game, countless fearless warriors.

Will you volunteer as tribute? Will you be the champion to be crowned ruler of the AUES districts? Who will be swathed in fame and glory at the end of the night on the 27th of March 2015?

The Adelaide University Engineering Society is proud to present:

“The Hungover Games”

This is your opportunity to band together, unite the AUES Districts with their many cultures and backgrounds and march as one through the streets of Adelaide, on forth to the pubs and clubs to battle it out on the dance floor. Stein in one hand and plastic sword in the other, we shall stroll through the streets of the Capitol and drink from the glorious kegs of righteousness that our forefathers and their forefathers before them drank from!

So don’t be loafing around on the day, find your Peeta and crumb on down to grab a slice of the action. Your District kneads you and you are required to rise to the occasion! Don’t be MELLARK-y on the night and make sure not to ruin any of the mahogany. If you lose Finnick, be sure to yell out ‘ODAIR he is’ when you find him. This is no occasion to be Prim and proper, instead you must look after your Districts. May the drinks be ever in your flavour!