2014 AUES Pub Crawl: ScRABBLE

26 Letters, One Board Game, One Adelaide.

The Adelaide University Engineering Society is proud to present, with an innovative and interactive twist to its Night of Nights:

“The 2014 AUES ScRabble”

A sea of Green lettered shirts worn by the young and talented players will scatter across the venues of Adelaide on the 28th of March 2014 to compete in possibly the world’s largest board game.

This is your opportunity to party with 5000 of your newest, closest friends and use words like supercalifragilisticexpialidocious in a sentence without looking like a fool. A night where if you yell “has anyone seen Jay??” everyone will turn, say yes, and point in various directions. You may get a piggy back on the C, grab a coffee with a T, give a flower to a B or play 8-ball with a Q. Avoid saying that you need an extra-large P. A group of R’s will make people sound like pirates and if at the end of the night you haven’t had a great night you might need to ask Y. Party safely so everyone can get home safely to catch some Z’s.

The AUES welcomes everybody from across the country and any university to join us on what we are planning to be our biggest, funniest and most interactive pub crawl to date that will make you seriously reconsider the way you play scrabble.