2017 AUES Pub Crawl: Frothopoly

The Adelaide University Engineering Society are proud to present the most favored pub crawl of the year! And this is no token event, no siree. It’s safe to say you’ll be flipping the table if you miss this one! You don’t have to be a moneybags to join in the fun, $25 for your t-shirt will give you free entry to all the pubs and clubs on our list. And once you pick up a shirt at our O’Week stall, you’re a shoe in.

We’ve got quite a range of different properties and establishments on board yet again, from Rundle St to Hindley St to Currie St and more.

We ask you to remember that its all just a game, and it’s way more fun to make new friends than destroy old ones! Don’t get strand(ed) on your own! The bonds you make will be like no other. Trust us, you’ll have a wheely(barrow) good time!