Committee Roles

The AUES Committee is elected once a year at the AGM, usually in term 3. Most roles are open to anyone however, usually, before serving in an office you should spend a year on general committee learning the ropes. If you’re a fun and friendly lad or ladette and you want to get involved hop along to the next AGM and get elected.

Joining the AUES is a great way to develop your “soft” skills, with many roles involving a high degree of communication, teamwork and organisation.

It’s not all hard work though, with committee members forming a tight-knit group, and celebrating their successes along the way – it’s not uncommon to hear committee members talk about only coming to uni to see each other.

We’re always looking for energetic, dedicated students (from any faculty!) to join in, with volunteers help greatly appreciated at all AUES BBQs.

Executive Committee


  1. Leads the AUES, responsible for the organisation and operation of all AUES events.


  1. 2nd-in-charge, taking over the President’s responsibilities in their absence and assisting in the general coordination of all AUES events.
  2. Principally responsible for organising BBQs and the Societies of ECMS Industry Night.


  1. A member of the Executive committee.
  2. Principally responsible for documentation of AUES meeting minutes and creator of the Hysteresis.


  1. A member of the Executive committee.
  2. In charge of financial matters including banking, budgeting and cash flow management.

Equity Officer

  1. A member of the Executive committee.

General Committee

IT Officer

  1. Facebook page updater
  2. Updates the AUES website: news posts, upload publications, photo gallery etc…

Sponsorship Officer

  1. Creates 2x sponsorship prospectuses (One for engineering companies & one for pubs/promotions)
  2. Organises for prospectuses to be printed

Publicity Officer (2)

  1. Create posters for each of the AUES events
  2. Makes Facebook events from the Facebook group

General Committee (6)

  1. Basically do anything that other committee members ask you to:
  2. Be there early to set up for the BBQs and help clean up after they’re done
  3. Help publicity officers put posters up for events