2013 AUES Pub Crawl: Boozing Bad

In 2013, the AUES presents a night so memorable you’ll wish you hadn’t forgot it. We’ll take you on a serious trip to the seven stars, a night where you’ll see dogs, ducks, elephants, party in mansions and end up feeling like you’ve ridden a bull. It’ll be worth it, cos we promise you a high to last the year. Grab your homies and home-ettes, leave your high heels at home and slap on your gas mask – there is work to be done. You own this town.

Every perfect plan requires perfect planning. The AUES has lined up 30 venues where you can get your ice cold juice and crystal clear champagne. With an additional 4 venues where you can get your craving fix by the the ounce or pound. And have we got a deal for you – 25 large will get you a shirt. No mates rates. No credit** this is a business Yo!!! The last time we ran this deal, 4K of the product sold out but we’re upping the game to 5 flat – we ain’t joking around!

**unless you’re using eftpos