The Adelaide University Engineering Society (AUES) is the largest (non-compulsory) club based on the North Terrace campus, encompassing an always growing member base of over 5000. While the AUES houses a diverse group of staff and students from across all academic disciplines, its primary constituents are those students undertaking degrees in the Faculty of Engineering, Computer & Mathematical Sciences (ECMS).

The primary goal of the AUES is to provide benefits such as academic and social events for our members in a pro-fun atmosphere. The society achieves this through its strong and passionate committee and the relationships it possesses with a variety of organisations such as the Adelaide University Union, Clubs Association, the Faculty of ECMS, and Engineers Australia.

The largest event that the AUES organises is a 35 pub, 5000 participant pub crawl, which is held annually in March.

The pub crawl is an excellent example of the committee’s ability to manage a large event on a number of systematic levels, and also of the club’s marketing capability, given that the event is able to reach a wide target audience. The main academic event that the society manages is the AUES Careers Night. The night consists of presentations from various engineering companies, which precedes a networking night in which students are able to socialise with human resources departments and graduates from over 30 engineering firms. The careers night is attended by over 250 students on average.

The AUES is an exciting and reputable organisation that exists on campus purely to benefit its large member base through hosting academic and social events in an enjoyable atmosphere.